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Write Better, Right Now: External Conflict

External conflict is everything that happens outside of the character or to the character. Writers use external conflict to place obstacles in the characters’ paths, but they also use external conflict to color the story, quicken or slow the pace, and add diversity to the narrative structure.


Workshops for Writers: Creative Intent

Creative intent or creative intention is the statement or idea that guides how we express ourselves creatively. Knowing what our intentions are as storytellers and writers, allows us to embody our stories, our careers, and our purpose in a way that moves past simply writing. It also helps us stay grounded in the world of publishing and writing.

Write Better, Right Now: Conflict in Fiction

This month we’ll go over conflict and how to use it in our stories. Conflict in a story can be easily identified as anything that goes against what the main or POV character wants. For example, stepping on a tack on the way to the fridge for a glass of water is conflict. A potential lover saying no to a date is conflict. While those are all negative examples, conflict can be positive, too.