What You Need to Know About Writing Scenes

I love teaching writers about scenes and how to craft better ones. Not only is it one of my favorite writing subjects, but it’s also something that isn’t usually taught in academia or in most writing classes. And if it is, they are seen as static cause and effect exposition through dialogue dumps.

I’m a reader before I’m a writer, so I crave better scenes in all the stories I come across. So, here are all my articles available on scenes in one place. In each article, I push past the basic advice of there are only a set number of scenes or they have to happen in a particular type of order. What I teach are the functioning parts of scenes and how you can use them to heighten your story.

Beginners Guide to Scenes

What is a Scene?

Outline Your Story Using Scene Breakdowns

Captivating Readers on the Scene Level

Writing a Scene Like a Pro

And since I love scenes so much, I’m releasing an introductory course for writers who want to learn everything there is to know about the basics of scene work. Scene Crafting 101 is for writers who want to take their knowledge of scenes further by actively workshopping them with me in a self-paced online setting.

Scene Crafting 101 is unlike my other masterclass. Instead of spending lecture after lecture on all the information writers need to know. I get into the basics in a short, quick introductory course. We’ll go over everything from a scene’s functioning parts, to types of scenes, and how to order them within your story for maximum effect.

While the articles I’ve written are a great resource for writers, I realized many writers still had a lot of questions surrounding scenes and wanted to do more intensive work to truly get to know how to use a scene in a work of fiction.

There’s video, audio, and text to help all students learn and grow from the lessons. Students will also be tasked with writing assignments, bits of homework, and more to help them fully embody the lessons.

Writers interested in grabbing the discounted pre-sell rate of $10 can reserve their spot today!


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