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mailtimers.com Days Until the Sale Ends

I’m just dropping in to let you know that wicked ridiculous writing deal Writer’s Craft 3.0 is coming around again Feb 22—March 1! You may remember me mentioning it a few months back at the end of 2021 on my other platforms. If not, here’s a quick reminder of what professional writers can get for $49 dollars: 

  • Over $5,000 worth of writing masterclasses, programs, dialogue guides and more

Well, that’s pretty much it!

Yup, for less than $50 you can get lifetime access to all my masterclasses and updates, along with tons of other resources to help you get from where you are now to where you need to be. Writer’s Craft 3.0 is a one-stop-shop. 

Once you purchase Writer’s Craft 3.0, you’ll be set for the next few years. Learn how to turn a profit from your writing whether that be nonfiction or fiction. Craft characters that help you sell more fiction. Even design e-book covers for your next novel.

Learn from professionals who were once just like you! I’ve joined up with best-selling authors like Jay Thorne, David Farland, and over a dozen others to participate in Writer’s Craft 3.0. It’s the one-stop resource guide for any serious or professional writer and this is the last time it’ll be on sale!

Honestly, if none of the above sold you on the deal, let me also tell you, all writers who purchase the Writer’s Craft 3.0 ultimate writing bundle, get a Storiad Book Promotion Package ($280 Value). That means if you’re a published author looking to up your sales, you can promote your books via Storiad’s database of over 50,000 book influencer contacts, plus enjoy two one-on-one sessions to get your Storiad Book Promotion Platform up and running quickly.

I also wanted to let you know if you haven’t grabbed seats in my free Clarion West class Intentions for Writers, you still have a couple of weeks before the class. But hurry while there’s still space!

All right, that’s it for me!

Happy Writing

P.S. I’m sharing Writer’s Craft as an affiliate, so when you use my link to buy, I’ll get a small percentage of the proceeds at no extra expense to you. Because I know you trust me to come to you with great deals and products, I take my recommendations seriously and only promote or share products I use and love and Writer’s Craft 3.0 is no exception! This is a bundle I think all writers should have. 

There’s just so much great content included, and for next to nothing! 


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