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Haus of Three Crows releases games, books, and other content by writer Aigner Loren Wilson.

to be haunted by Aigner Loren Wilson

The first poetry collection by Aigner Loren Wilson; some horror, some surreal, all personal. There will be reprints and originals never before seen. 

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Aigner Loren Wilson’s first short story collection that includes a novelette, Plagued Company about a sentient suit of armor, and four short stories ranging from fantasy to science fiction and fairytales.

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Take Me Home

Made for the adventurous puzzle solver, ‘Take Me Home’ is a gamble at survival and a story of hope told through interactive storytelling. A sci-fi puzzle game where you play as a child on a colony ship, heading toward a yet to be explored planet.

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The Nightmare House

An interactive horror story where you choose to play as a cast of characters who are attempting to stay overnight in their town’s most haunted house, the Nightmare House. This is a terrifying trip through a house with many doors and demons that don’t want you to leave but want you to grow into the monster you were always meant to become.

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